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There is a maximum grant  available of up to €2,400 for Domestic Solar Panels. If int


An interesting article published recently in Building Ireland Magazine Download PDF here


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Solar Panels are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland.Within the next 10 years the majority of houses will have at least one solar panel installed. Most people think that it would be a waste to put solar panels on houses in Ireland but what they don't know is that you actually don't need that much direct sun light for them to work. Solar panels are most efficient in the months of May-September but with the installation of batteries the energy can be stored for use in the duller winter months.

The benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Systems are as follows:

  • They can be used to heat water.
  • They give free electricity.
  • They save the environment as they reduce CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels.

There is a grant available from SEAI of up to €3800 along with a grant of €1000 for battery storage.We would be happy to go through these grants with you.

Our team are in training and will be ready to install Solar Photovoltaic Systems in domestic/commercial and agricultural from the end of August.

We are now pricing up jobs for this.


The below system to the end would cost €10,800 plus the VAT

Deduct a grant of €3,800 from the SEAI

Payback time for this is six years


Picture 1: 16 no 275 watt solar panels with an aloowance of 4400 waatts that is installed on the fround as no room on the roof

Picture 2: Safety shunt switch

Picture 3: Showing 3.3kwh of electricity being generated today

Picture 4: Showing complete system

Picture 5: Showing 1282 watts being charged to batteries at this time