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Personal & Disabled Alarms

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Disabled Alarms

Disabled Toilet Alarms

What is a Disabled Toilet Alarm?

A disabled toilet alarm allows business’ to be compliant with the Disabled Discrimination Act. It is a necessary addition to any business and is a failsafe in the event of a person requiring assistance whilst using the facilities. Disabled toilet alarms can be classified in to 2 types local and monitored. A local alarm is located in the toilet itself and if the pull cord is used this activates an alarm which is normally located outside the toilet and consists of an audible siren as well as a visible visible warning light both of which is contained in the same discreet unit.

The other type of alarm which we classify as a monitored toilet alarm is generally used in larger premises where multiple toilets may be available and perhaps a receptionist or security guard is employed. These systems are exactly the same as above with one exception. If they are triggered the alarm is sent to a monitoring panel located beside the receptionist or security guard so if activated they can action help if required.

Below is an example of a generic layout for a dialled toilet alarm:

Mobile Personal Alarms

Mobile Personal Alarms give the user a means of 'calling out for help' in the event of a robbery or risk to life scenario. All models are designed to prevent accidental activation and a variety of wearing options –hand-held, neck pendant or clip-on. Applications Include;

  • Personal panic alarm transmitters
  • Social alarm triggers
  • Shop worker protection
  • Patrolling guard protection
  • Nursing staff protection in hospitals and clinics


AmberSelect is an ideal solution for the elderly and others with evolving healthcare concerns who wish to continue living independently in their own homes.It incorporates an advanced home safety and intrusion alarm with a full-featured activity support system – so that family contacts are reachable at the press of a button. It can also address personal safety threats posed by smoke, floods, carbon monoxide (CO), and monitor sustained periods of inactivity or fall alerts.